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What is Lindy Hop?
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Fun & easy to learn     What is Lindy Hop?
Fun and easy to learn!

Lindy Hop is a type of dancing that's fun and easy to learn. It differs from the more modern versions of jive in emphasizing the skill of really dancing to the music using some footwork, but mostly by interpreting what's happening in the music. It's a great way to get some exercise while enjoying yourself!

Lindy Hop originated in New York's Harlem district in the 1920s, became famous in the 1930's (featuring in several well-known films made in that era) and eventually diverged into many more Swing-style dances, including Boogie-Woogie, East and West Coast Swing, Hustle, Jive, and Rock 'n' Roll. Lindy Hop is probably the most exciting style, characterized by jumps, spins, turns and throws, and was once seen on dance floors all across America under various names. In pre-war Europe, Lindy Hop was seen mostly in demonstrations by visiting US troupes, but after WWII other Swing styles became popular (allegedly, one of the legacies left by the GIs as they departed France was Jive). You'll often hear this type of dancing referred to as the 'Jitterbug', since this a generic umbrella term covering nearly all the variants of swing dance.

In the 1980s, there was a revival of partner dancing based on the Swing styles and in the UK the new style became known as French Jive (remember those GIs?) or modern jive, and was danced mostly to modern pop music. Modern jive tends to be arm-lead, with footwork relegated to near obscurity, whereas Lindy Hop and the other original Swing Dance styles emphasize footwork patterns that move with the Swing music, so that good dancers are actually dancing to the music rather than just doing a series of moves in time with the music. When you see it, you'll realise what the difference is!

In our classes we try to introduce the footwork and Lindy Hop moves in an easy to learn and fun way. In our workshops we attempt to help people to work on their style and on remembering moves they already know, rather than just teaching a whole load of new ones.

If you still have no idea what we are talking about, then simply come along to one of our weekly classes and see for yourself!